Born in Germany, Angel Gonzalez moved to the states as a child. Studying at New Mexico State University in 2001, he became a college cheerleader, while DJing at local nightclubs. Later in 2004 moving to Arizona he worked at Gilbert Recreational Center teaching Sports and Athletics, and then moving into 2009 to coaching soccer, and DJing cheer events for a All Star Cheer Company. In 2011 he partnered with his wife and opened  Royal Impact Cheer and Dance Academy. Where he currently heads the Gymnastics and Tumbling Department. Also where he co-cochas alongside coach Tara and Coach Madison with stunting, he cuts and mixes all the competitive dance and cheer music for the company.

Tara Marasco

​Owner/ Instructor

Originally from California Tara Marasco started taking dance at the early age of 2 years old. Continuing dance in her younger years she was Captain of her dance team throughout High School. Moving into college in Moorpark to obtain her degree in dance, while being the co-captain of her College cheer team. After earning her first degree she then went on to CSUN University to obtain her second degree in kinesiology, as well as being on the competitive Color Guard team at CSUN. Shortly after opening her first dance studio, Tara Anne's School of Dance in her hometown, she Simultaneously worked at a variety of other dance facilities, and recreational centers, she also moved on to teaching competition cheer in Thousand Oaks. In 2005 she ventured out and decided to move to Arizona where she headed the dance department at Gilbert Recreation Center, and taught at various dance studios all over Arizona, all the while teaching at a competitive All-Star Cheer Company where she headed 12 teams. Now for the past six years she is a proud owner of Royal Impact Cheer and Dance Academy. She specializes in Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Lyrical, and also heads gymnastics and the competitive All-Star Cheer teams. 

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Andrew started his training at 17 years old after growing up as a competitive swimmer. He first began his training at Jeanne’s School of Dance and Arizona Youth Ballet in Phoenix Arizona, where he was then accepted and attended the summer intensive programs with Ballet Arizona and Chicago Ballet. Andrew has taught and choreographed for studios and companies across the valley, with pieces winning top awards such as “Best Choreography.” Andrew is now currently a junior at the University of Arizona’s School of Dance and is excited to share his love for dance with all his students.

Sal Banuelos


RI is dedicated to providing Cheer and Dance instruction in a positive environment that will encourage creativity and self esteem. The studio and staff are devoted to inspire, encourage and support every student as they learn about Cheer and Dance. Our vision at RI is for every student to appreciate and be as passionate as we are about Cheer and Dance!

Our Instructors

Angel Gonzalez

Owner/ Instructor

Andrew Gatti


Sal Banuelos has been dancing and choreographing professionally for over fifteen years
and has been teaching for a little over twelve years. He is the Director and Co-founder of
a well-known Arizona hip-hop crew named “Elektrolytes”, Winners of Americas best
Dance Crew season 7. He is also the co-founder of the brand new Elektro Academy dance
company. Sal varies in different street styles of Hip Hop, and has both taught and
performed in several places around the world, including, London, Africa, Switzerland,
New England, China, Mexico and many States around the U.S. He Has performed and
appeared in various television shows such as, MTV’s Americas Best Dance Crew Season
7 and 8, Disney’s Shake It Up, Americas Got Talent, and the Latin Grammys with the
famed pop groups, LMFAO and 3Ball MTY. Sal has had the opportunity to represent the
United States in the Hip Hop international Competition three times, and was awarded the
Gold Medal in the U.S. and named fourth in the world with his crew. Not only is Sal a
dancer but he is also has been studying Martial Arts for over 24 years and has mastered
the Hawaiian style of Kajukenbo.. Sal’s philosophy in life and in teaching is “ Enjoys
mentoring young kids in martial arts and dance. Not only helping them to become better
martial artists and dancers but better people ”.